Beef tartare 80g 162,-
from beef shoulder with onion, capers, pickles and our emulsions, toast with lard, garlic    
Sliced roastbeef 100g 192,- 
on bread with sauce of three kinds of mustard, spring salad with radishes, cream horseradish    
Homemade pate from duck liver 100g 145,-
in bacon with cranberry bun, cranberry coulis    
Variation meats and cheeses 200g 174,-
camembert, blue cheese, „Blaťácké zlato – czech cheese, „korbáčik“, ham sausage, pepper sausage, smoked belly, smoked shoulder    
Beef carpaccio  100g 229,- 
of sirloin with basil pesto, parmesan, freshly ground pepper and maldon salt, rucola, toasted baguette    
Mixed beer cheese  100g 135,- 
with fresh bread (very aromatic)    


Soup of the day   65,-
Goulash soup with sliced meat and potatoes, fresh marjoram   79,-

Beer specials

Pork terrine 150g 105,-
with vinegar and finely chopped onion    
Pickled camembert cheese 100g 108,-
with roasted garlic and pepper marinated in oil with onion    
Tortilla chips 170g 149,-
with cheese dip from chipotle and cheddar cheese, tomato salsa    
Homemade fried potato chips   87,-
with garlic mayonnaise    

Salads (the size of the main dish)

Salad with roastbeef 100g 235,-
caesar peas, fennel, dried tomatoes, and walnut vinaigrette    
Salad of spring leaves 100g 220,-
with slices of turkey breast, baby spinach, radicchio, pomegranate, almonds, radishes, dark baked croutons and apple vinaigrette    
Mizuno salad 70g 259,-
with smoked salmon, peril, avocado, mango, coriander, pickled radish, lime bark and sesame vinaigrette (variant without salmon 219,-)    
Caesar salad 100g 199,-
of roman leaves with chicken, roasted bacon, parmesan and dressing of anchovies    


Beef BBQ burger 200g 249,-
volk's eye, salad coleslaw, bbq mayonnaise and home-made fries    
Chicken burger 200g 235,-
stuffed chicken breast with rucola mayonnaise, camembert and home-made fries    
Lentils burger 200g 219,-
with cucumber mayonnaise and home-made fries    
Royal cheese burger 454g 339,-
454g beef with cheddar, roasted bacon, tomatoes, salad, BBQ mayonnaise and home-made fries - the preparation time is 30 minutes    
Naked burger without bun served on vegetable salad 200g 249,-

Fresh pasta

Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino   175,-
with roasted garlic and chilli peppers on olive oil, rucola, parmesan    
Spaghetti CARBONARA   198,-
with roasted pancetta on olive oil and pasteurized egg yolk, parmesan    
Lingiune di pesto   175,-
with rucola pesto, parmesan cheese    


Peas risotto   175,-
of arborio rice with saffron ricotta, parmesan cheese    
Risotto with roastbeef   205,-
of rice arborio, parmesan    

From our grill

Chicken supreme 200g 239,-
with roasted sweet potatoes and honey - mustard sauce    
Beef flank steak 300g 465,-
with crispy cabbage    
Pork steak „Tomahawk“ 500g 335,-
with bone, glazed onion, demi glace    
Pork tenderloin 200g 244,-
with sweet potato purée, roasted vegetable, demi glace    
Pork ribs 600g 289,-
in bbq marinade with ginger, salsa verde, grilled peppers, toasted baguette    
Chicken wings 500g 218,-
marinated in chilli marinade, glazed in chilli sauce, herb baguette, blue cheese sauce    

Traditional recipes

Beef tenderloin with cream sauce 150g 197,-
stewed beef round shoulder, served with dumplings, cranberries    
Beef goulash 200g 205,-
with fresh marjoram, chestnut dumplings    
Fried pork cutlet 200g 195,-
in bread crumbs, served with lemon and light potato salad    
Beef cheeks in wine 150g 205,-
with parsnip puree, roasted vegetable    

Child meal (child's meals are for children up to 10 years of age)

Fried chicken strips 100g 93,-
with whipped potato purée    
Spaghetti 80g 105,-
with meatballs in tomato sauce, parmesan    


pork knuckle prepared by Viennese recipe with horseradish, mustard, cabbage salad and bread – for unique taste, please wait for nearly 38 minutes 1100 g 398,-


Mango cheesecake   115,-
with chilli    
Ginger cake   145,-
with pineapple and honey    
Tiramisu   139,-
the original Italian recipe    

Side orders (only for the main meal)

Mashed potatoes with spring onions   39,-
Potatoes puree   39,-
Bun dumplings   39,-
Chestnut dumplings   45,-
Fried potato chips   43,-
Potato grenailles   45,-
Griled vegetable   55,-
Herb baguette   50,-
Small mixed salad   65,-
Salad coleslaw 100g   55,-